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Schools ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ Bins are in!  (July 2013)

Thanks to many generous sponsors from Aitutaki, Rarotonga, New Zealand and Germany, we have been able to purchase a set of ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bins for each of our Aitutaki Schools.  Pictured are students from Araura Primary School giving their set of bins a ‘Thumbs Up!’  Vaitau Primary, Tekaaroa Primary and Araura College also received a set of these ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bins to further encourage our children and our community to sort their litter, reduce, reuse and recycle their waste; and most importantly to “Keep Aitutaki Clean!”

Village Halls to receive a set of ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bins too!

With the help of generous sponsors and the ‘New Zealand High Commission’ we have recently purchased a set of ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bins for each of our Village Halls.  These bins are scheduled to arrive on our shores in August 2013.  Meitaki Atupaka for your support!


Recycling Machinery and Equipment for Aitutaki, 2013

We, the Aitutaki Conservation Trust, are currently in our third phase of our ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ initiative whereby we are seeking funding for Recycling Machinery and Equipment for Aitutaki to enable our island to bale our recyclable products, ready for removal from our island.

We require Balers, Glass Crushers, Mulcher’s, a Compacting Rubbish Truck, Forklift, suitable dry store area(s) for pre-baled and post-baled recyclable products and consumables.

Can you help?  If so, please contact us today at 

Environmentally Friendly Loos Project 2013 (ongoing)

With the help of the ‘Community Initiatives Scheme’ the Trust has purchased a portable waterless composting toilet (Enviroloo) to trial here in Aitutaki (as pictured). 

This unit has proven itself to be a very worthwhile, excellent portable unit, providing environmentally friendly facilities for our community picnic days, sports days, weddings and family gatherings, etc. 

We are currently seeking funding to purchase additional fixed units to install at much needed areas on our island and surrounding motu’s (islands within our lagoon); to help protect our precious waterways from the potential contamination from human waste.

If you would like to get involved with this very worthwhile project, please contact the Trust via

Keep Aitutaki Clean – ‘Sponsor a Bin’ Project (Round 2) 2013

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust has launched its second round of our ‘Sponsor a bin’ Project to seek sponsorship for Rubbish and Recycling bins for our Schools, Village Halls and Churches.  (Just over 100 bins are needed in total.)  

By installing bins at our schools, village halls and churches, we hope to further encourage our community to continue to sort their rubbish, reduce, reuse and recycle and most importantly to ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’.

As at 4th April we have received sponsorship offers for 27 bins, so we are over a quarter of the way there already.  ☺!

Get involved and sponsor a bin today (only $150.00 per bin).  Contact us at to find out how.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Promotions) 2013

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust have developed flyers and posters promoting the importance of sorting our rubbish, reusing, reducing and recycling our waste. 

These flyers and posters have been distributed amongst our community, and are on display at many public areas to further encourage our community to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and most importantly to ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’.


Students learn about our Turtles (2013)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust (ACT) joined forces with the Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative (PICI) and funded transportation for school students to participate in Turtle Nest Excavations with PICIs Turtle Project Team.  Students learnt about our precious Turtles and ways in which we can help to preserve their environment.

ACT also provided reusable litter bags (via NES and Sustainable Coastlines) for the day and students participated in a litter collection along the Ootu Peninsula. 

ACT’s Enviroloo was also provided for the day and received a big thumbs up! 

“Way to go Aitutaki Tamariki – Meitaki Atupaka!”


As you may be aware, our beautiful island ‘Aitutaki’ does not have rubbish or recycling bins available for public use. 

The ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ would like to rectify this by placing bins for public use at key areas on our island including the Aitutaki Post Office, All Sports Fields, All Wharf Areas, Ootu Beach and Base One just to name a few.

We are seeking sponsors to assist with the purchase and installation of these bins.

Can you help?  Sponsor a rubbish or recycling bin today!

For only $150 you can sponsor a bin for Aitutaki and help to:

  • REDUCE the amount of litter carelessly dropped on our island
  • ENCOURAGE  and promote the important message to ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’
  • PROMOTE the importance of  Reducing our waste, Reusing items (where possible) and Recycling
As a sponsor you (and/or your Business) will:
  • Be mentioned on the Aitutaki Conservation website as a ‘Proud Sponsor’ of the ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ project including any media coverage this project receives;
  • Have your name (or business name and logo) displayed  on a  bin as a Proud Supporter of the ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ project;

  • Receive a letter of appreciation from the ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ thanking you for your support;

  • Receive a tax deductible receipt from the ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ to the value of your sponsorship.

Sponsor your bin today!  

Sponsorship can be made by way of Cash, Cheque, Money Order or via Direct Credit into the ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ Bank Account (Westpac Bank, Account No: 2000219200, Please specify ‘KeepAitutakiClean’ followed by your business name or phone number, as the Reference when depositing funds into this account). 

Please make all cheques (or money orders) payable to the ‘The Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ and post to The Aitutaki Conservation Trust, PO Box 121, Aitutaki; or email and we will arrange for your payment to be collected.

All payments will be receipted and are tax deductible.

Wondering who is going to collect the waste? Our Aitutaki Island Council have shown fantastic support to the ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ project and have agreed to collect both litter and recycling products from these bins during their Friday collections. “Thank you Aitutaki Island Council!”

Want to find out more?  For a copy of the 'Keep Aitutaki Clean’ Project overview or for more information, please contact the Aitutaki Conservation Trust directly via

Want to get involved?  Yourhelp is greatly appreciated. Whether it be volunteering your time, sponsoring a project, making a donation or simply attending an ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ meeting; we are grateful for your support.  Simply contact the Aitutaki Conservation Trust via or by phone (+682) 31 110 to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your time and support.

Meitaki Atupaka! (Many thanks!)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust

Helping to protect our land, lagoon and culture.


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