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Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary 

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust are proud to be strong supporters of this very worthwhile initiative and are very happy to announce that on 12th December 2012, the Cook Islands entire EEZ has been declared a ‘Shark Sanctuary’. 

To find out more about this very worthwhile initiative, please email us at

Its official - our first set of secured bins were installed on Friday (29th July).  Check them out!

This particular ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bin station is located at Ootu Beach.  As you can see, each bin station includes four(4) bins:

  • one for litter (non recyclables);
  • one for recyclable aluminium cans;
  • one for recyclable glass products; and,
  • one for recyclable plastic products.

Five (5) more ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ bin stations are scheduled to be installed over the next few weeks and a further six (6) bin stations following that; so keep an eye out for them in your area.  Also arriving on our shores soon is an ‘Environmentally Friendly Portaloo’.  We (the Trust) are currently seeking funding for a second Enviroloo for Aitutaki to trial with our first unit, and if proven suitable for our conditions here in Aitutaki we will aim to seek additional funding for fitted units to install at much needed areas on our island including our sports fields, wharf areas and on our motus.
We the ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ would like to thank all those people who have sponsored bins for Aitutaki; a total of 48 so far; and we would also like to thank all those people who have volunteered their time to help apply our bin stickers and who have helped to install our bin stations.  Your help is GREATLY appreciated.  Meitaki Atupaka!
If you would like to find out more about our ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ initiative or would like to find out how you can get involved, please contact the trust via
Again a HUGE thank you to those involved in this very successful and worthwhile initiative – a great achievement for Aitutaki!
Kia Manuia,
The Aitutaki Conservation Trust Team.

Keep Aitutaki Clean – ‘Sponsor a Bin’ Project (2012, ongoing)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust launched our ‘Keep Aitutaki Clean’ initiative in December 2011.  At the time Aitutaki did not have any rubbish or recycling bins for public use. The Trust aimed to rectify this situation and sought sponsorship for Rubbish and Recycling Bins for Aitutaki.  Sponsorship support received was FANTASTIC!  So much so that as at 31/07/2012 a total of 48 bins have been sponsored for Aitutaki.  What a great achievement!  More bins are needed, so please ‘Sponsor a Bin’ today!

Tekaaroa Primary School Garden Project (2012)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust, funded tools for Aitutaki’s Tekaaroa Primary Schools Garden Project; whereby children are being taught how to create an edible, sustainable garden; the importance of eating healthy; learning how to tend their crops;  and also ‘Enterprise’ awareness.

Primary School End of Year Awards (2011)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust funded an achievement award for each of Aitutaki’s Primary Schools; namely Vaitau Primary, Tekaaroa Primary and Araura Primary; for the best student in land, lagoon and culture related studies.

Pictured here is the 2011 Award Winner from Vaitau Primary School; Matangaro Ngatua (bottom right) here she is learning how to care for their school’s animals.

World Clean-up Day (2011)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust funded transportation for local school children to visit areas on our island to partake in our ‘World Clean-Up Day’ activities.

Araura Primary School Lagoon Studies (2011)

The Aitutaki Conservation Trust funded Araura Primary Schools lagoon studies undertaken at Aitutaki’s Marine Research Centre.  Children visited the centre and then undertook a litter audit along a nearby beach.  Litter materials collected were sorted to identify the types of rubbish that littered our beaches; whether or not these products originally came from Aitutaki; or if they were washed here from the sea; whether materials found could have been recycled or reused instead of being carelessly disposed of.

Vaitau Primary School Garden Project (2011)

Vaitau Primary School have proudly created an edible garden near their school.  Many local residents will remember the bountiful garden that used to fill the sections near the Vaitau Primary School.  It is the Vaitau Principal’s dream to have these gardens returned to how they used to be, with flourishing crops at the children’s fingertips.
  The Aitutaki Conservation Trust have funded gardening tools for the schools gardening projects as well as funding some labour expenses to help create rich, nutritious garden beds for the children.

PADI kidsThe ‘Aitutaki Conservation Trust’ funded a conservation awareness programme for two of our Primary Schools (namely Vaitau Primary School and Tekaaroa Primary School).  This conservation education programme was a ‘PADI Project AWARE’ course which helped our children learn the importance of conserving our precious waterways, our coral reefs, and lagoon life, etc.
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